Indo Medizen Sehat (IMS) collaborates with South Korea’s well-known genetic laboratory, Medizen Humancare.

IMS not only delivers disease risk analysis through individual genetic testing but also offers personal health care methods based on genetic information to patients.

IMS’ world-class and widely adopted genetic analysis effectively produces 99.9% test accuracy or higher.
Medizen Humancare conducts the largest number of predictive genetic testings in South Korea.

Medizen boasts the largest data volume in South Korea with an estimation of 1,000,000 cumulative genetic tests.

It performs genetic tests as a part of health examinations for 500 medical institutions and 700 companies.
Medizen Humancare was mandated to perform a pilot project of DTC (Direct To Customer) genetic testing by the Ministry of Health and Welfare of South Korea.

It was selected as a Regulatory Sandbox Special Case for Demonstration by the Ministry of Trade, Industry, and Energy of South Korea.

Medizen obtains the highest rating in genetic testing accuracy ("A") from the Ministry of Health and Welfare of South Korea every year.



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