Terms of Use

Prior to the genetic testing, I fully understand the understanding and purpose of the test, and the information and limitations that can be provided through the genetic testing.

I have been informed of the misconceptions and limitations of interpretation of genetic testing results as follows.

1. I have been informed about the risks and limitations of genetic testing and are not limited to the following.
  1. Not all genetic mutations, defects, or diseases can be detected by genetic testing. If the genetic test results are judged to be a standard step, you cannot judge that you are currently without any disease or genetic disease.
  2. The accuracy of the test depends on family history. If you are being tested on a family basis, the verdicts may depending on the actual biological relationship of the family members. In addition, I can accidentally discover non-paternal relationships or bloodlines through testing.
  3. Genetic testing may result in sensitive information about me and my family's health.
2. This biological specimen will be used for the purpose of determining whether I and members of my family are carriers of the gene disease, or are affected with, or at increased risk to someday be affected with this genetic disease.

3. The fact that genetic tests result in attention and concentration is an indication that I am susceptible to or may be susceptible to a particular disease or condition. Further testing may be needed to confirm the diagnosis.

4. l understand that my specimen will only be used for the specific genetic testing described above as authorized by my consent and it will not be used in any identifiable manner for research purposes without my consent.

5. I understand that my sample will be stored for not more than two (2) months and then will be disposed.



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